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The Veilless Sky The Veilless Sky Novel Completed

The first draft and first edit of "The Vielless Sky" is now complete.

A Sci-fi Novel set in a world ravaged by a hundred years of drought. When Carn trips over a human's skeletal remains a struggle ensues to find a long lost military outpost. Following a trail of evidence he hopes to discover the device responsible for the endless drought and to restore clouds to sky so rain can fall again. But not everyone is set to benefit by his success.
Atlantis and the Game of Time Atlantis and the Game of Time to be Published in 2014

Atlantis and the Game of Time has been accepted for publication by Kristell Ink and is due out in 2014.

A Steampunk novel following Professor Lokyne Iberis, of Atlantis' Department of Time Conservation, as he battles to keep history from being corrupted and overwritten, first by the exploits of his students and then a mysterious civilization that emerges centuries earlier that any known civilizations began.
Quill Awards Quill Award Nomination

One of my short stories "The Windswept Cherry Tree" has been nominated in the "Best Short Story" category.

The Quill Awards is an annual awards event on Writing.com where members nominate their favourite pieces, groups and activities for the year. Nominations run until mid January with the winners announced in February. The quality of the nominated work is very high and I am honour to be counted among them.
Finchley Literary Festival 2014

The dates for the Finchley Literary Festival 2014 have been announced as the 24th - 31st May and I will be attending.
This year the festival has a fascinating theme of "men writing as women and women writing as men" which I think will lead to some great discussions and debates. There are also some very good readers alreadly lined up. Check the link above for more details.